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Screen and Frame Stretching Facility

We are leading Textile Screen Printing Solution Provider Company. With over 20 year of collective experience in Textile and Graphic Screen printing, we continue to raise the quality and performance standards in Textile Printing Industry. We help to maintain the highest standard of printing standards with high level of productivity.

Polyster Mesh width 65 Inches, Mesh count from 14 T-120T

Stainless, Solvent resistant Inks Shaking Spatula with Wooden Handles starting from 6” to 12” size

Solvent Dispenser:
Solvent Dispenser that saves Solvent Evaporation and saves over 25% of the solvents per month. Excellent equipment to keep you ink kitchen and machine clean.


Polyester Mesh

Squeegee Cutter

Pet Sheet for Heat Transfer

Tension Meter

Pellet Masking Tape

Squeegee Handle

Squeegee Handle

Squeegee Blades

Squeegee Blades

Squeegee Blades

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