About Green Printech

We are leading Textile Screen Printing Solution Provider Company. With over 20 year of collective experience in Textile and Graphic Screen printing, we continue to raise the quality and performance standards in Textile Printing Industry. We help to maintain the highest standard of printing standards with high level of productivity. We specialise in:

  1. Setting up the Textile Printing projects from planning to execution level. From Glass Table to Oval Automatic Machines we help you maintain the highest level of consistency and productivity. Setting up the Glass Table printing Units with Automatic Flash Unit.
  2. Printing Solution, Inks and Chemicals from Japan, France, Netherland and Taiwan.
  3. Direct and Transfer Tag less Labels solutions.
  4. Printing Solutions for Polyester and Blends. Water-based and PU inks solution from across the globe.
  5. Special Solutions for Nylon and Polyester with Nike RSL standards.
  6. Screen printing Accessories – Solvent dispensers ,Squeegees, Mesh, Shaking Knives, Frames.
  7. TSK range, semi PU Inks from Japan and are suitable for printing on Cotton Polyester and Blends. Inks can also be printed without curing using Fixer DF and can be air cured thus making them suitable for Polyester.
  8. Special Inks range for Printing on Nylon and Water-proof fabrics.
  9. Max Series of Inks - Suitable for Direct printing and for Transfers and are high Quality PU inks. We have White, Base and Clear in this series.
  10. PU Inks from Taiwan- We have high Quality Inks from Taiwan which are in Mid Price range and tested for all application on Cotton and Blends.
  11. Inks for printing On waterproof Fabrics from Taiwan and Japan Mesh and Screen making accessories imported from Taiwan and China.
  12. Coating Emulsion
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