Pallet Protection Paper & BOPP Tapes
GPS Pallet Protection Paper

EN-Y125/1 One Color Open Tray Pad Printer

Description: A premium and special grade Crepe Paper MaskIng Tape provides euellent pressures sensitive and quick qualities and resIstance to water, solvents ancl oils even at NO temperature applications. This tape is made from Crepe Paper and special adhesive. Tapes are residue free when removed.

• Brand Aipl Sunsui
• Carder crepe paper
• Sbelflife 24 months
• Color creamish
• Standard width Hoch) 3229,16.30 & more
• Standard length 100 yardo
• Inner diameter of core- 76mm

• Used in refrigeration, automotive & business machinery and many other places for.
• Masking of painted metal, plastic. rubber Surface where staining could be a problem.
• Used for cake! masking appbcations

• High temperature Masking tape (Upto 110c)
• Residue free removal
• Writable grade Hand tearable

Sticking Two Sided Tapes

BOPP Tape for Screen Packaging

Tape For Export Packaging.( Non-Pvc) & Recycled Materials

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